A design, web development and digital marketing agency that provides human digital solutions from Argentina and Spain to the world.

What we do

Websites that stand out

Many can create a basic and forgettable website, but our experience allows us to create professional, responsive and easy-to-maintain online platforms.

Memorable brand images

Branding is essential in a competitive market. At TIPICA, we work together with our clients to create professional, unique and memorable brands that stand out in their industry.

Simple and effective developments

Developing an online system, learning platform or e-commerce doesn't have to be expensive and complicated. With our human and customer-focused approach, we optimize time and costs to find the solution that best suits your needs.

Digital marketing focused on ROI

At TIPICA, we believe that a marketing campaign should be an investment, not an expense. Therefore, we create and manage effective campaigns focused on the business objectives of our clients.

From Idea to Reality

Stages of the web design process

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STAGE 01 - Initial assessment
STAGE 03 - Assets review
STAGE 05 - Implementation
STAGE 07 - Support andfollow-up
STAGE 02 - Estimation
STAGE 04 - Kickoff
STAGE 06 - Publication
Initial assessment

In this stage we identify, together with our potential client, the objectives and features that the site will have, as well as the desired user experience and interaction. We will rely on the brand book of the business for the subsequent stages.


Based on what has been previously discussed, we make an estimation of the project - which is formalized in a business proposal - so that the other party can analyze.

If the proposal is accepted, we ask our client for the materials and requirements needed to start the project.

Assets review

At this stage, we analyze the assets provided by the client and request any possible shortages.

Once we have the minimum necessary for the launching of the project, we request the advanced payment and start it afterwards.


 In this phase, we introduce the team in charge of executing the project and prepare the work environment where we will develop the solution.


We are now able to start with the project, which will consist of N deliverables over M weeks, specified in the business proposal.

In each deliverable, the client will request the changes to be made and all those within the scope of the project will be carried out.


Once all deliverables are approved in the development environment, we will publish the website. With the site online we request the payment of the rest of the project, in general the remaining 50%.

Support and

Once the project is completed and paid for, TIPICA will provide a video tutorial on how to use and update the delivered website within a maximum period of one week.

At the same time, a 30-day free support period (included in the quote) will be started from the date of publication, in which the client may request minor adjustments to the published site and claim corrections of errors that it may have.

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